Exogenous Objects

The theme is the cycle of evolution, decay and re-creation, which is inherent in all manifestations in the universe – expressed through the materials of iron, sand and colour pigments, which, once originating from the earth are reincorporated and ultimately re-created.

The finished and yet “unfinished” objects, whose seemingly unchangeable structures “live on” through the permitted process of change, ageing and decay, want to embolden the principles and the sorrow, but also to accept the salutariness and beauty of these processes.

Rosemarie Hein


For the rust objects – these are salvaged objects – I use “aged” iron, combine  natural ageing and degradation processes, on original rusty sheet metal with sand, vegetable colours and egg tempera.
Different techniques and procedures of metal processing and treatment are the result of interpretation based on the rust structures ie the years of decay  The additional material input in no way leads to an impairment of the dynamic time component: self destruction of the images. It’s quite deliberate.
For nothing passes, without re-creations …

Karl Schmeichel